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Our Ancestors Left Clues. 

My name is Joy. I have been exploring ancient systems and seeking higher meaning since I was a young girl. I don't remember a time when I didn't wonder, "what else is there?" That curiosity led me to Psychology, Ancient Civilizations, a study of the Egyptians, the Maya, the Hopi and Theology for answers that were obscured and hidden from humanity. What I discovered, below the complexity of all the myth and theory, was a system of understanding humanity's sacred origins and profound power that is mind-blowing in it's accuracy, wisdom, and depth of interpretive possibility!

I had been a numerologist for more than 10 years when the Egyptian Book of Life Card System found me. I was in a plant medicine ceremony receiving information from multidimensional guides who were showing me the patterns of numbers and how they were connected to our mental, emotional, and physical patterns. I was told that I would be working with these ancient tools to help others. I didn't know what this system was, but was led to a mentor who helped me learn and then was guided to channel the rest directly from our ancestors. 

The Book of Life is a system of Astrological and Numerological Symbols that were used together with each individual's birthdate to help in healing, finding joy in life, discovering purpose, creating prosperity and clearing KARMA. The Egyptians lived for many years in peace, abundance and incredible innovation using this system to guide their lives. I am devoted to teaching this system as it was intended, to be used for the development of the human experience, to clear karmic patterns, and live free from suffering. The gratitude I have for numerology is immense and I feel compelled to share this gift with as many people as I can.

The Book of Life is better known today as, Playing Cards.

"...deepen your understanding of yourself, your clients and the Universe!!"
- Jen Kohler, Master Numerologist

Playing Cards Are So Much More Than a Game!

When esoteric traditions began to fall out favor across the globe, the Egyptian Mystics devised a clever plan for keeping their astro-numerological system safe for future generations. They assembled a deck of cards and disguised it as a game. The true use of these cards was only known to a handful of mystics, secret societies, and the elite, until now! In the early 1900s the secret societies across the world began to release the teachings of the Playing Cards to those with an open heart, open mind, and a hunger for this sacred knowledge. 

Playing Cards and the symbols used are tools for awakening the emotional (hearts), mental (clubs), physical (diamonds), and spiritual (spades) self. Each card also represents your personal birthchart - why you are here and how to thrive! Learning to read the symbols is an acceleration of awakening that will forever change your life and the lives you choose to share it with. 

"The numbers have a live frequency and vibration just like we do - it's about becoming unified with them and allowing them to do the same with us. Trusting my own intuition in terms of what is coming through as an interpretation in the moment is what is true for me and those who are coded to me and my message. An incredibly expansive knowing and experience!" - Kristen Valus, Advanced Numerologist

You Will Be Blown Away By the Accuracy of Your Readings!

I am so excited to help you learn how to use this amazing tool for limitless insights and prosperous potential! Plus, we have a community of amazing humans - a spiritual network - ready to grow, learn and rise together! All are welcome here. 

This course is taught LIVE once a year with replays available to use anytime.
Next Course Begins April 4, 2023
Includes the Following:

6 - Live, Interactive, Training Calls

Exercises, Homework & Assessments

Workbook & Resources

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Who is This For?

If you match even one of these characteristics below, you will LOVE this course!

Anyone with an interest to understand themselves more

Anyone with a desire to speak directly to the Divine (God/Universe/Source)

Anyone with a desire for secret knowledge that will make life easier

Anyone who wants to make a difference in their own life or the life of others

Anyone who wants to get clear about their next steps and stay clear

Anyone who wants to focus on living their best life

Anyone who wants to have more fun in life

Anyone who wants to heal their relationships - with self and others

Anyone who has a heart to help others

What Will I learn?

How to read the cards and the symbols individually and in combinations

How to use the most powerful layouts that we use for ourselves

How to trust your intuition to interpret the cards for yourself and others

How to share your readings with others without fear of getting it wrong

The resources you need to master this powerful tool: Workbook, Interpretive Guides, and Layouts

Personal Ideas for Your Own Growth

Professional Ideas 

Can I Read Professionally?

Yes, within just a few weeks you can begin reading for others and charging for your skills. The messages from these cards are in high demand and help you add impact to your current practice as a healer, coach or intuitive guide. If you do not have a business already, you can begin one right away. Card and numerology readings are how Joy and Cindy both began their businesses. You will be able to offer both to your clients. 

Offer: Weekly, Monthly and Annual Predictive Readings

Offer: In the Moment Advice with Action Steps and Outcomes

Offer: Personality Profiles and Guidance on their Divine Gifts and Purpose

Offer: In-Depth 2, 4, and even 52 card readings for any situation

Is It Hard to Learn?

Whether you are already using tarot, oracle or other card systems or you are just beginning to use tools for deeper understanding, the Playing Cards are the simplest and most divinely aligned system to human patterns available. You already think in alignment with the Playing Cards but often discount your own intuition, guidance and the connection you have to higher wisdom. We teach this system with a practical approach that has you reading cards the first day and feeling masterful by the 6th week. Joy will help you understand how to read the cards, when to use the cards, and what they can and cannot reveal. Cindy will help you develop your personal approach to using the cards with fun layouts, simple card pulls and exercises.  Joy has studied this system for more than 20 years, has been working alongside Cindy for more than 5 and has certified hundreds of readers.

All you need is a simple deck of Playing Cards and an hour a week!


Become a Playing Card Reader Today!

Community & Support

Expert Guidance from Joy every step of the way. 

Practical Training

You will be reading for yourself on day 1! Live Calls with Replays.

Resources & Guides

Workbooks, sample layouts, and interpretive guides. Printable for easy use.

"As far as business wise, with clients, it is such a beautiful tool to have, to support your clients. It helps you in understanding your clients more, their challenges and strengths and how to support them and take new leaps in their life." - Shelly Anderson, Master Numerologist

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Course Schedule:

Tuesday April 4th 1-3 PM PDT
Tuesday April 11th 1-3 PM PDT
Tuesday April 18th 1-3 PM PDT
Tuesday April 25th NO CLASS - Buddy Work Assignment
Tuesday May 2nd 1-3 PM PDT
Tuesday May 9th 1-3 PM PDT
Tuesday May 16 1-3 PM PDT

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