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The Only Numerology Course Based On the Universal Laws and Your Intuition

Numerology is a system of symbols and archetypes that was developed by our ancestors thousands of years ago that show us how to live in aligned with our higher purpose, prosperity, love, and wellbeing. Based on the early teachings in the Emerald Tablets and the Book of Life, Quantum Numerology follows a precise model of interpretation from Ancient Egypt that makes it easy, fun, and incredibly accurate.

Predict What's Next on Your Path

Clear Your Karma - In This & Previous Lifetimes

Unlock Prosperity Patterns

Be Divinely Guided for Your Highest Experience

We follow in our ancestors footsteps, applying numerology to the bigger questions in your life: How can I break free in wealth, health, relationships, purpose, and my spiritual advancement. Each birth chart can be read through the lens of Universal Laws to uncover your personal alchemy keys. When you do, you have the information you need for radical change and release from karmic patterns that have been moving through your life and your family for thousands of years. The Egyptians left this system in tact for those with the wisdom to see it, lying right in front of us through the playing cards.

Quantum Foundations

This is our Intro Course to Numerology.

In this course you will learn the foundational principles of numerology, including:

1. What the Numbers Mean and How to Use Your Intuition to Interpret Their Messages.

2. What each Number Says About You: Your purpose, personality, karmic patterns, and dharmic potentials.

3. How to predict the major lessons for the coming year.

4. How to predict major life lessons in 1 & 9 year cycles.

5. How to help people access their own daily, weekly and monthly flow (when to be active and when to be reflective).

6. How to create a business delivering Lifepath & Divine Purpose Readings for others.

Using the Pythagorean-Inspired system of numerology to calculate charts, along with intuitive and Egyptian interpretation of the numbers, you will be able to speak directly with the Universe to access incredible insights about your self, your life, and your relationships. Our Quantum Foundations Course is for beginners or those who want a deeper connection with the core numbers and chart influences. This course includes certification and tools to offer professional numerology profiles in as little as 6 weeks. Includes lifetime access.

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Intro to Playing Cards

Learn the deeper meanings for each card in the deck (the Book of Life). Discover your card and how it influences your challenges and blessings; learn to use playing cards as a tool for coaching; and, become a certified playing card reader.

6 Week Live Course

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Advanced Numerology Certification

Learn to read the blueprint for reality. This course will teach you to interpret the Egyptian Numerology and apply the Universal Laws to clear your clients obstacles and challenges; and, activate their limitless potentials. No prior experience in numerology is required. Everything you need is in this course.

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Discover Your Codes!


Hi, I'm Joy. I have been a professional Intuitive Coach, Channel and Numerologist for more than 25 years. I have been studying and channeling the ancient secrets of Numerology. I am devoted to helping you unlock these secrets, discover your unique Alchemy keys, and to leveraging them to live your best life with confidence, freedom, and an infinite flow of abundance!


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Do you feel called to become a numerologist? What you can expect from our Training?

Quantum Numerology is a method of reading and interpreting numbers that is based on a 200,000 year old ancient system of divination that is mind-blowingly accurate. As a Channel for this material for more than 20 years, Joy Kingsborough has designed this training to support you in being the most accurate, confident, engaging reader possible by learning to trust your innate, intuitive connection with the numbers.  The numbers are already speaking to you and this course will teach you their language. Here is what you can expect in the Foundations Course:

Forms & Materials

Everything you need is already available in digital form in your library - from day one! Inside the course you can choose to order a hard copy of the materials. In this course you have everything you need to begin reading for yourself or others in the first week!

6-Week Training

Joy designed this training to help you naturally embody the material. Each concept is broken up into 6 segments that allow you to learn and practice at your own pace. The training explains the math, the mechanics and ways of interpretating for the key aspects of a Numerology Reading. 

Live Coaching

You have lifetime access to live coaching and support in our international community of numerologists. You can tap into business training, ask questions, receive support and learn more about interpreting the numbers personally or professionally.  You buy the course once, but have a team by your side indefinitely.

Quantum Numerology 101 - Training & Certification

2 Payments of $250

2-Pay Plan with Lifetime Access!

  • 6 Training Modules Filled with Expert Guidance on the Numbers
  • Lifetime Access to Training
  • Forms & Templates
  • Certified in 6 Weeks!
  • Course Workbook 
  • Monthly Intuitive & Business Sessions
  • Monthly Guest Lectures
  • On-Going Training & Development
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Quantum Numerology 101 - Training & Certification


One-Time Investment - Lifetime Access!

  • 6 Training Modules Filled with Expert Guidance on the Numbers
  • Lifetime Access to Training
  • Forms & Templates
  • Certified in 6 Weeks!
  • Course Workbook 
  • Monthly Intuitive & Business Sessions
  • Monthly Guest Lectures
  • On-Going Training & Development
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Numerology is the key to unlocking your superpowers


This course could be your turning point. Numerology is a journey to understanding yourself and the world around you so that you can seize your best life and thrive!
6 Weeks is all it takes! 

Julia Byrne

"I often ask myself the question how did I get here? You see I’m not a math’s person and 

quite frankly numbers and equations have always scared me! However, I felt the pull as I started to see patterns of numbers literally talking to me daily so I was intrigued. 


So with the exquisite guidance of Joy Kingsborough and the support of Cindy Van Arnum I jumped right in and have ended up having a deep passion for numbers and a unique understanding that each of us carry a frequency code based on when, where and under what circumstances we are born – how cool is that!


I have also come to know and firmly believe that Quantum consciousness and numerology can lead us into a system where we can uncover and lean into our life lessons, our potential, and access reliable information about our past, present and future. 


All of this and more has been truly possible with the content in the foundations course it has blown me away with its simple and yet deeply transformational guidance and knowledge. Joy supports you each step of the way with video sessions, Q & A sessions & the support of a community where you can deep dive into information about you, your loved ones, & the applications of this system is endless. 


I loved it so much and got so much out of it I’m now undertaking the advanced Quantum Numerology course and loving it even more. So if you feel pulled to learn about yourself and others with more clarity and depth then this is the course for you – you wont be disappointed."

Shelly Anderson

"Numerology takes you on a magical adventure of discovering the depths of you, in which you were created, the energies around you that influence you and awakens you to pieces of you, maybe you didn’t see within yourself, as a creator. It has Snap Doodle Dragon flare!"


Jessica Cerato

"Yes, you learn about the numbers. But, you also learn something so much more - to trust your intuition over your intellect." - Jessica Cerato, Master Numerologist 

Michele Laine

"Quantum Numerology was fun and expansive to learn. I recommend this course whether you simply want to know more about yourself and how the energy influences of the numbers play a roll in all we are or you desire to incorporate numerology into your business offerings- learning with Joy is a must!" 

Jen Kohler

"I LOVE using numerology in every aspect of my life and business. I find myself checking the numbers of everyone I meet so that I can know them better. I want to know the energy of the day based on numerology too because it makes it easier and more fruitful to plan my life and my calendar. I love knowing the numbers of family members and business partners as it helps me to understand how they walk through the world! Imagine being able to know your spouse, children, clients and business partners better so that when you are interacting you can help them to be in their best self. It is amazing!"

Nicole Isaac

"It's so much fun! You get to learn about yourself and others and how to relate to them in a way that they understand and resonate with and you get to keep on learning more and more. It's limitless!"



Have fun and discover what was written in the stars for you 


You don't have to be a healer, coach or entrepreneur to love this course! All you need is a desire to learn what the numbers are trying to say to you and a willingness to experience more ease, more wellbeing and more success in your whole life. 

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Joy has written 4 books: Tarot-Numerology Achetypes, Quantum Numerology, Advanced Quantum Numerology, QUEing up Magic, and has a 5th title releasing in July 2023 called 11:11 Awakening with the Numbers. You can find these titles, and more on Amazon.

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