Meet Our Team!

Quantum Numerology is a program, a community and a mission to help people reclaim their personal power through self awareness and strategic use of the Universal Resources left to us by our ancestors. 

Hello, I'm Joy Kingsborough.


I love numerology!  Numerology awakened me and led me on a path of personal, professional and spiritual development that I now share with others. I am a teacher, a student and a channel.

My Story


Numerology helped me recover after years of suffering with depression. I couldn't find meaning and felt lost, overwhelmed, and stuck in a life I didn't love. During a powerful healing ceremony with a shaman I received a vision of my birthcard with detailed messages of healing and forgiveness. After the ceremony I continued to see numbers everywhere. They were guiding me to learn more. I studied everything I could get my hands on, worked with several mentors, and then began connecting directly with the numbers in meditations and channeled messages. It wasn't long before I had unlocked the secrets to my purpose and a deeper connection to my higher self that I had been longing for. After 100s of readings I was guided to mentor other coaches, healers and intuitive leaders to help share the wisdom of numerology in a bigger way. Together, with our students, we are on a mission to bring numerology into the mainstream to assist humanity during these times of mass awakening.

 PS: My Ruling # is 9 and my Birthcard is 3 of Spades

Hi, I'm Arlene Pe Benito!

Arlene Pe Benito is an in-house Master Numerologist, an Intuitive Energy Coach, MindSHIFT Mentor, BrainGAME Certified Coach, and Channel who helps healers, coaches, and mentors create impact in the world.

This begins with remembering who we are, knowing what we want, how it feels, and then living the divine timing cycle with the universal laws.

To some in the community, she is known as an alchemist and magician because of her ability to see, sense, and know the energy that is stuck in and around the body, including the stories, beliefs, and emotions. Using QuE, Timeline Shifting, and other modalities, these are released from the body and a new imprint is created.

With deep curiosity, possibility, creativity, and magic, clients are empowered to BE, to expand, discover their intuitive gifts and co-create the life they want to lead, living their purpose.

P.S. She is ruling 3 with an Ace of Diamonds Birth Contract!

Hi, I'm Michele Laine!

Michele Laine is a Strategic Partner and in-house Master Numerologist, an Intuitive Embodiment Coach, and Conscious Self-Mastery Mentor who's passionate about helping you live a healthy, soul-empowered life.

Michele guides ambitious, visionary humans in remembering who they are beyond the daily hustle, obligation, and overwhelm so they can get out of their head, reconnect with their body, and find an easier way to have all.

If you want to know more about Michele and her work, please visit her website: