Would you like to work with me for a full year?

Have you been called to share Numerology in a bigger way?

If you are ready to make a big impact helping others with the Book of Life and you would like:

  • Mastery Level Training in the Book of Life to expand your knowledge, wisdom and intuitive connection
  • Private, customized support building your business, clarifying your offerings, and activating greater trust and confidence
  • Private, customized coaching on your personal and professional numerology charts
  • A community of devoted professional numerologists to mastermind and growth with
  • To establish your authority as a professional numerologist and published author
  • Receive new client referrals while building your social influence on Facebook or YouTube
  • Participate in joint marketing campaigns

The next cohort begins in January. To maintain the intimacy and impact of this offering, there are only 6 spots open for 2023. You must be a graduate or currently enrolled in Advanced Numerology.

1 Year Mentorship Program $15,000 USD ($1000 savings for payment in full via credit card, wire transfer, or PayPal).

Contact [email protected] to discuss registration or submit our deposit below:

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New Levels of Awakening!

"Spend a year living your chart. This is Mastery. The year long mastery numerology program with Joy is a slow burn. She gently held me while I moved through new understanding, new levels of awakening. I basically shifted my entire business in devotion to numerology. I’ve learned how to detach, call myself higher and truly land into who I am as a leader and why I incarnated at this time. I’ve worked with Joy for many years and can’t really imagine life without her. She is my friend, my mentor and beyond."
- Jen Kohler, Master Numerologist 

Advanced Lectures &
Expert Training  

  • Group Training
  • Mechanics of the GSS
  • Transit Timelines
  • 7 Year Readings
  • Karma & Dharma
  • Advanced Chart Readings & Reports

Coaching & Mentorship
With Joy

  • Private Monthly Calls
  • Group Mastermind 
  • Group Workshops
  • Personal Chart Review
  • Specialization Strategy
  • Ideal Client Analysis
  • Business Funnels

Featured Community Expert

  • Be a featured reader in the Numerology Junkies promotional group.
  • Receive new clients leads from our promotional ad campaigns.
  • Be featured on our website as a recommended reader.

Mastery of the Book of Life

Learn to calculate all 90 spreads and interpret the transits from year to year, season to season, and cycle to cycle.

Discover a connection with the cards more personal and accurate than ever before.

Explore the ancient teachings of the Emerald Tablets, the Atlanteans and more!

1 Year High-Touch Support

1. Private, personal numerology readings & coaching calls with Joy.

2. Intimate mastermind group with lectures and discussion on advanced topics.

3. Featured as an expert reader in the Numerology Junkies Facebook Group, promotions, and on the Quantum Numerology website.

4. Co-Author a Numerology Book (2023's Tentative Topic: Your Prosperity Code)

Shelly Anderson

"Master Numerology has been an intimate journey for me with expanding my connection with each energy and opening me in ways, I hadn't anticipated when I first said I'm IN! My career focus shifted early on during this journey and Joy has been an incredible support in being able to dive in deeper, beyond the teachings within this program, that I am forever grateful for. The bonus~an incredible group of humans that helped to expand the conversations and curiosity around this ancient wisdom."

Michele Laine

"I would recommend Mastery for any Advanced Numerology students who feel the pull to keep journeying with the numbers. If you feel it, it is for you!
The conversations, the masterclasses, the mastery level opens you up to how you truly desire to express the numbers in your work. 
You will rapidly deepen your relationship with your unique intuition and expression through the consciousness of the numbers and begin creating and expanding your ideas, communication, belief in yourself, and your devotion to this sacred system. 
Mastery was the biggest investment I have made into myself and my business. I knew I had to take part. I invested in me. I Rolled the dice believing in me! My devotion expanded and my business grew.  My commitment, intention, and value rose to a new level. I paid my investment in full 6 months into the year!! 
The numbers have always pointed me back to belief in myself and the divine. 
I cannot imagine my life without being a part of this ancient wisdom!!"

Ready for Mastery?
Only 6 Spots for 2023

If this is for you, secure your spot with your $5000 deposit (fully refundable before Jan 1, 2023). For additional payment details, email [email protected]

Once enrolled you will receive an invitation to connect with Joy on a private strategy call to organize your program and discuss your personal intentions and goals.


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